Sun Country Flight Tickets

Sun Country Airlines, often known as Sun Airlines, is an American low-cost airline based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that serves over 80 locations in the United States, Central America, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

The airline was in June 1982 and commenced operations in 1983. Over the years, it has had many owners. After struggling in its early years, the airline declared bankruptcy twice. The airline was in 2011 by members of the Davis family of Minnesota, who also control Cambria, a luxury countertop maker. Sun Country Airlines saw rapid expansion during this period and has since been for providing good service to passengers. In 2017, the Davis family sold the airline to Apollo Global Management. Sun Country Airlines is now the 11th largest airline by passenger volume.

How to Book Sun Country Airlines Tickets

Baggage Policy

Learn more about Sun Country Airlines' luggage policy. Sun Country Airlines allows you to bring one personal item for free.

Baggage for Carry-On

Sun Country Airlines allows one personal item and one carry-on bag as hand baggage. The personal object must no exceed 43 x 33 x 23 cm (17 x 13 x 9 in) and fit beneath the seat. A tote bag, a laptop, a briefcase, and a backpack are examples of personal items. Each ticket allows you to bring along a single private possession.

Carry-on baggage must not exceed 61 x 41 x 28 cm (24 x 16 x 11 in). They must not weigh more than 35 pounds (15 kilogrammes). Carry-on bags are only if the carry-on bag option is chosen. Please refrain from bringing anything that is in your carry-on, including liquids greater than 100ml, objects with edges, or flammable liquids. At airport security, any forbidden objects will be seized and destroyed of.

Baggage Transported via Air

Checked-in luggage must be no bigger than 62 linear inches / 158 centimetres (length + width + height) and no heavier than 50lbs (22kg). Checked luggage must be purchased or included in the original ticket; otherwise, airport fees may apply.

Cabin Class

Sun Country Airlines is an inexpensive airline that offers fantastic deals on flights; still, this does not prevent them from providing 5-star service.

Economy Class Services Economy Class Amenities

Some Sun Country seats offer USB and AC power plugs, allowing you to charge your electronic devices. Additionally, the airline provides complementary refreshments such as tea, coffee, water, juices, and fizzy drinks.

Seats in Economy Class

Luxury Economy

This airline does not currently provide Premium Economy service. Choose the Best Seat class offered in economy class for a premium experience within the Economy cabin.

First-class service

Unfortunately, Sun Country Airlines announced in 2018 that they would drop First Class service by the end of the year. But, the following had earlier been offered:

Priority boarding, faster check-in and security lines, larger seats, free drinks, a free meal or snack, and free usage of Sun Country Airlines' in-flight entertainment system are all included.


Sun Country Airlines allows you to check in online up to 24 hours before your intended flight leaves.

Online Check-In

Sun Country Airlines offers online check-in for all flights. But assuming you are not a US citizen, you can only receive a boarding card at the airport's ticket booth. The ticket booths operate three hours earlier than the planned flight.

Online check-in starts twenty-four hours before the planned time of departure. And ends one hour before the scheduled departure time.

Airport check-in

At US airports, check-in opens two hours preceding arrival and ends forty-five minutes preceding departure. International check-in at the airport closes one hour before arrival.

In-flight entertainment and WiFi

Discover Sun Country Airlines' in-flight entertainment as well as WiFi on board.

Flight entertainment

Sun Country Airlines offers in-flight entertainment through individual digital gadgets. It is accessible on all airline flights as soon as you are connected to the AirFi network on board. But, this network is only for the entertainment system and does not provide internet access. Sun Country Airlines has a selection of publications on board.

The entertainment system comprises films, television shows, games, and music. Suppose you're concerned about running out of batteries. Every Sun Country Airlines seat provides USB charging connections, while certain ones even include electrical outlets.


Sun Country Airlines does not offer WiFi on anymore its scheduled trips.

Food and Drink

Sun Country Airlines provides a variety of refreshments and drinks for buy throughout your trip.


Water, coffee, tea, juices, and soda are some of the complimentary beverages provided by the US carrier. Alcoholic beverages, snacks, and snack boxes are not provided for free; nevertheless, travelers can purchase them onboard. The meal plan is in the seat pocket ahead of you. The airline is going to utilize credit cards and not cash.


Please include your full name, original booking details, and a valid identification number.

Sun Country Airlines often does not charge for this service, although it is best to check the current policy.

Yes, if you have the proper authorization and details.

The procedure typically is quick, and you ought to receive the fresh reservation code within only a few minutes.

Yes, the Sun Country Airlines online reservation platform is available twenty- four hours a day, twenty-four hours a day, seven every week.

Contact a customer service representative as soon as possible to get the problem repaired.

Sun Country Airlines enables travellers to bring one carry-on bag having an allowed capacity of 16 kilograms. The maximum permitted dimension is 51 linear inches (L + B + H).

To contact customer support, call Sun Country Airlines If you booked your ticket on the website. You can contact our travel consultants for assistance at any time of day or night.

Airfare is always inexpensive at the airport. Online flight reservations may assist you spend money on airfare. Most airline booking websites offer a choice of discounts and promo coupons. You can leverage market competition to find cheap tickets. It's unusual to find amazing deals on flight bookings at the airport.

Yes, you may submit bookings directly at the terminal. However, most people use this strategy in an emergency.

Sun Country Airlines manage Booking, including the majority of airlines, offers free modifications within 24 hours of booking. But this is just applicable to tickets purchased a full week before travel. Furthermore, tickets canceled 60 days before the travel date are free of charge.

However, flights canceled between 59 and 15 days incur a $50 fee. According to Sun Country Airlines' cancellation policy, cancellations between 14 days and the final minute will cost $100.

Sun Country Credits is a loyalty program. It is essentially a frequent flyer program. Sun Country Airlines allows you to earn points while flying. These credit points are valid for one year from the date of issuance. Furthermore, you can quickly utilize your points to buy award flights. Simply add the points to your reservations through Sun Country Airlines Manage Booking. Enjoy the ride and gain points.

Yes, Sun Country Airlines assures that its consumers enjoy a smooth booking process. So, if you have any inquiries concerning Sun Country's airline manage booking procedure or something else, please contact them at any moment of the day.