How do I check in with Sun Country?

After purchasing the tickets, the following step is to complete the check-in process within the time range specified. The check-in process might be lengthy and complicated at times. But, if you booked your trip through an airline, the process should be straightforward. There are a few different methods to start the Sun Country check-in procedure.

This page discusses some of the legal processes. Examine it to have a better understanding of the check-in procedure. Sun Country check-in is via two channels. This section covers most of them.

Sun Country Online Check-in Method

To begin, visit the Sun Country official website or download the official mobile app, whatever method you prefer. Sun Country Airlines' online check-in method is the most secure and time-efficient way to get your boarding pass.

According to the ticket type, you may finish the procedure for checking in online for free or for an extra fee. The online check-in process is straightforward and can be done as much as twenty-four hours before the scheduled time to leave.

Sun Country Web Check-in

Sun Country Airlines passengers can use web check-in to select. Their seats, bags, meals, more legroom, and amenities for the flight. Passengers with premium tickets who check in online are eligible for extended time in the premium lounges. Checking in at airport counters will need more effort and time.

To bypass long lineups at the airport, passengers may carry Sun Country mobile boarding credentials with them. The check-in process for airlines must be completed within the time frame specified. After the check-in process is completed, guests will receive the Sun Country Airlines boarding card on their registered IDs.

Sun Counter mobile app check-in

You can begin the check-in process with the smartphone app. The steps are identical and do not need the presence of a specialist.

After you've launched the official app, follow the steps above. After completing all of the above steps, you will get your Sun Country Airlines mobile boarding pass. At the same time, your Sun Country electronic boarding pass will be delivered to your registered ID.

You do not need to print your boarding pass because you can use it to board. To board the plane or enter the departure airport. Provide the boarding pass on your phone at the airport gate.

Sun Country Offline Check-in Method

To begin the offline check-in process, you must arrive at the departure airport before the Sun Country boarding time (scheduled). Arrive at the specified counter or use the self-check-in option.

Sun Country operates international check-in desks at many airports. To avoid expensive fees, start the check-in process using the Sun Country official website or mobile app.

Depending on the type of ticket, you can check in both offline and online. Both check-in procedures are simple and uncomplicated and may be applied with ease.

Sun Country Airlines Check-in at the Airport

Travelers with particular ticket categories sign in at Sun Country Airlines check-in counters. Sun Country check-in for flights at the place of departure needs to be completed within the time constraints.

Passengers who use the Sun Country priority check-in counter will complete. Their check-in process is faster than other passengers who must wait in long lines.

Using the priority counter allows passengers to save time and effort. And other resources while receiving premium services.


The Sun Country Airlines online check-in process opens 48 hours before a flight scheduled departure. It runs until two hours before the departure time. Infants, kids who are not accompanied, and passengers in wheelchairs are not permitted to use this facility.

The size of the personal item must fit under the seat and cannot exceed specified inches. A checked bag may only weigh fifty pounds or fewer and measure no more than sixty-two linear inches. Study up on the rules regarding checked baggage. The maximum size for a baggage item, with rollers and grips is 24 x 16 x 11 inches.

Passengers with challenges can request pre-boarding on all Sun Country Airlines flights. Serving soldiers and First-Class travellers can ask for priority check-in. Others like travellers located in evacuation rows and households who have kids under three years old are all able to get for early boarding.

It is advised to reach early at the airport. To give yourself sufficient time for check-in and security procedures. Passengers board Sun Country aircraft using a zone boarding procedure. It is based on seat number and zone assignment. Early boarding is granted to passengers who need special assistance or have particular needs.

One carry-on bag and one personal item like purse, briefcase and laptop bag are allowed per passenger on Sun Country Airlines at no additional cost. The dimensions of all carry-on bags shall not exceed 24 inches (including wheels, handles, etc.) by 16 inches (width) by 11 inches (height). Not more than thirty-five pounds.