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Aeromexico Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Aeromexico Airlines makes it simple to choose a seat. Furthermore, a chosen seat makes your flight more comfortable and memorable. Aeromexico passengers can select their seats when ordering their tickets.

What Is Aeromexico Seat Selection Policy?

How Many Types Of Seats Are There In Aeromexico Seat Map?

Aeromexico Airlines recognises that each customer has various needs for their comfort while travelling. As a result, the airline offers a variety of Aeromexico seating choices for the convenience of its passengers. Further, check out the:

Preferred Seat

Economy Plus

Premier Class

Furthermore, Aeromexico's select seat service provides free seat assignments in business class seats. However, the other class of seats can choose and pay the fees. You will also receive a refund if you paid for a seat but did not receive the exact seats.

Methods to Select Seats on Aeromexico

There are many options to choose a seat.

Method 1: Official Website

Method 2: Web Check-In

When you open the airline's official website, select the web check-in option. Following that, you can select your preferred seat throughout the leaving procedure. You will then be directed to another page where you may view all of the available seats using the seat map. Now, choose your favourite seat and finish your payment.

Method 3: Customer Service

If you are unable to use the online procedure. Contact Aeromexico's customer care department. Furthermore, it is the simplest approach to choose your desired Aeromexico seats. Once you connect with an airline agent, they will assist you in selecting your desired seat on the plane over the phone.

Method 4: At the Airport

Visitors can also visit their nearby airport to choose their preferred Aeromexico seat. When you get to the airport, head to the help centre to speak with someone from the company. Then you must request that they select your seat and, if necessary, pay the seat-choosing fees.

How Much Does Aeromexico Seat Selection Cost?

The cost of Aeromexico seat selection would vary according to the fare level. Flyers in business class have a free seat assignment. If you want to upgrade your seat, you must bid on the website.

The following seats are available on Aeromexico AMPlus flights:

According to Aeromexico's seat selection policy. Preferred seat cost may change depending on the time left for seat booking. Before the flight's departure and whether you selected a discounted fare.

As a result, Aeromexico allows you to select your preferred seats. Because of the seat selection policy of Aeromexico. Furthermore, the methods for selecting seats are simple.

So, what are you waiting for? Selecting a seat has many benefits. These benefits range from several seating alternatives to price reductions. Choose your seats according to your budget, location, and travel time. Enjoy your flight by selecting your preferred seat from Aeromexico's seat map.

Aeromexico Seat Selection FAQ

Can you choose your seats on Aeromexico?

Aeromexico web check-in allows passengers to select their seats online 48 hours before departure. Otherwise, you can contact the airline or go to their airport office to book your seats. The same functionality is available on the mobile app.

How can I get a free Aeromexico seat selection?

If you buy a Clase Premier ticket on the plane, you have free seat selection until the check-in window shuts. Otherwise, you can upgrade your seat and choose your seat.

Is there a fee for AeroMexico's seat selection?

True, true. Except for business travelers, all passengers must pay a seat assignment charge to select their preferred seat during the flight. Furthermore, the fare is only applicable for one passenger and one leg of the journey.

What is the cost of seat selection with Aeromexico?

Seat selection costs USD 20 for domestic itineraries and $30 for international routes with Aeromexico. But, because the seats fill up, passengers must pick up their seats at least 24 hours before the flight's departure.